Training American Christian leaders
for every sphere of society


What is our philosophy of education?

Philosophy, as defined by Noah Webster, means " explanation of the reason of things, or an investigation of the causes of all phenomena."  The philosophy of education at Christian Heritage Academy is founded upon the principles of Christ in God's Word, because we desire that our explanation of the reason and cause of all things be true. This philosophy gives direction as to why we teach, what we teach, and how we teach; thus our curriculum and methodology are both distinctively Christian.

Yet, as we follow the chain of Christianity throughout history, we can see that the links move continually west. Great advancements in civilization and government follow the spread of the Gospel from Asia into Europe and across the sea onto the shores of America. Yes, the United States is an established link upon that westward chain, and our forefathers realized the Gospel purpose of America and its people--to exemplify and propagate liberty, both internal and external, that freedom which is only found in our Lord Jesus. Thus, we keep our country's Gospel heritage and purpose before our students, revealing evidence that our philosophy is not only distinctively Christian but also distinctively American.

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Training American Christian leaders for every sphere of society