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How You Can Help

Since 1972, Christian Heritage Academy has been blessed with many faithful donors, and we know that as long as we, the administration, faculty, and staff of Christian Heritage Academy, continue to be obedient to God’s calling, He will continue to move people to meet our needs.

Raising funds is not simply about accumulating dollars. It is also about being good stewards of the resources provided to us by the friends and family of Christian Heritage Academy.

There are many creative ways to support the mission of Christian Heritage Academy from the resources with which God has blessed you. If you would like information on gift ideas, without obligation, please contact us at (405) 672-1787.

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Various ways you can support CHA

Christian Heritage Academy offers its supporters many opportunities to support student learning. Investors in the school’s mission may give to the Academic Excellence Fund, which supports areas such as science, technology, fine arts, teacher grants, and a variety of other areas in the school which directly impact student learning.

Crusader Athletics, guided by CHA's unique Philosophy of Athletics, has a legacy of excellence. Both in the performance on the field or court and in the attitude displayed during competition, CHA student-athletes and coaches are taught to play for an audience of One — Jesus Christ. Many partnership opportunities exist for perpetuating this legacy, from updating facilities to enhancing the athletic training programs.

One of the distinctive values of Christian Heritage Academy is the emphasis placed on teacher training and professional development. When it comes to supporting the continued education of its faculty, CHA is an example for other schools, who often seek out CHA when building their own professional development programs. By partnering in this area, faculty are offered grant opportunities to enhance their subject matter, explore best practices, attend offsite conferences, and more. The importance of a competent faculty cannot be overstated.

Christian Heritage Academy is self-governed and self-supported. Yet, the attainment of educational excellence requires additional annual gifts to fill the gap that exists between tuition income and operating expenses. This gap is the margin of excellence. Giving to the Excellence Fund (undesignated) empowers Christian Heritage Academy to recruit and retain the best faculty and provide superior academics.

In 2011, the Oklahoma legislature authorized generous tax credits for donors to Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGOs), like Opportunity Scholarship Fund (OSF). These SGOs are non-profits that must expend at least 90% of their revenues on private school scholarships. Individuals, families, and businesses may annually contribute up to $1,000, $2,000, and $100,000 respectively. Donors are eligible for Oklahoma tax credits of up to 75% of the donation amount.

Learn more about the Opportunity Scholarship Fund.

A generous donor has granted CHA $2 million if we raised $1 million in gifts and pledges by March 2023 for the renovation of the third floor. This incredible opportunity would allow CHA to provide more classrooms to produce leaders in every sphere of society who understand America’s gospel purpose. To give to this capital project, visit this link and choose “3rd Floor Matching Grant” in the dropdown list.