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Once tested by certified educational therapists, students with identified learning deficits can be enrolled into intervention programs developed to address and correct those issues.

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This program is an early intervention for those students with deficits who are not old enough for the Discovery Program. The two-fold approach of Search & Teach offers educators an efficient tool for defining learning deficits at the beginning of a child's academic career, before the downward spiral of failure starts. With proper and timely identification and intervention, many children can be spared the life-long consequences of learning disorders. Search & Teach is two 45 minute sessions per week.

This program is designed for the struggling reader. It includes phonetic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension strategies. This multi-sensory approach to reading is a fun and effective way to build and strengthen reading skills. Rx for Reading is two 45 minute sessions per week.

By stimulating deficit areas in order to strengthen them, enabling struggling students to function independently at grade level, and maintaining students in the regular classroom, Discovery therapists' end goal of educational intervention helps the student be, not only independent, but also responsible in the classroom and in life. Educational therapy enables students to overcome roadblocks in order to release his full, God-given potential. Though some educators believe in going before students and making smooth the road on which they will travel, Christian Heritage Academy (through the Discovery Program) is devoted to equipping students with the tools they need to travel any road they choose. Educational therapy consists of two 80 minute sessions of individual and intense intervention per week.