Training American Christian leaders
for every sphere of society

What makes Crusader Athletics so distinctive?

Mr. Clint LittleJim, Director of Athletics

No other activity does more to communicate who CHA is to those unfamiliar with the school than athletic competition. Upon recognizing that truth in the early 1980's the administration adopted CHA's Philosophy of Athletics, a distinctively Christian set of principles which have guided Crusader athletes, coaches, and fans since its inception. From the way games are coached from the sidelines to our demeanor toward the other team and officials, living this philosophy in light of Scripture has opened countless doors to the gospel, both inside and outside the school. The philosophy reads:

Since we are ambassadors for Jesus Christ, let us conduct ourselves in word and action just as Christ would conduct Himself.


Therefore, all that we do, we will do with a total release of our mental and physical abilities and our emotional energies towards our performance, having in mind that Christ is our only audience.


Concerning our attitude towards players and fans of the opposing team, we will strive "to love our neighbor as ourselves" and "do unto them as we would have them do unto us."


Training American Christian leaders for every sphere of society