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Helping Children Learn

Today more and more parents and educators are faced with the responsibility of helping students who struggle with learning differences. Even though these students may have average to superior abilities, they frequently experience significant difficulties with listening, speaking, reading, writing, spelling, reasoning, or mathematical skills. Christian Heritage Academy's Discovery Program uses a variety of methods to target and help eliminate these roadblocks.

The Discovery Program is accredited by the National Institute of Learning Disabilities (NILD). The NILD was established to meet the needs of students with learning disabilities through a unique program of educational intervention. This program has been in operation since the 1980s. The NILD program is presently active in 45 states and 40 countries. Through NILD, the Discovery Program was established at Christian Heritage Academy in 1990. Awarded the title "Program of Excellence" in 1998 and 2006 by NILD, Christian Heritage Academy's Discovery Program has proven itself to be a key factor in the continued academic success of the students who have entered and graduated from it. The program is offered to both day school and homeschool students to help overcome many of the learning difficulties these students struggle with daily.

Unpack the distinctives of the Discovery Program below.

All educational therapists receive intensive, ongoing graduate-level training through NILD.

Some members of our Discovery faculty are certified through the IDA.

NILD educational intervention focuses on deficit areas, stimulating these areas toward more efficient functioning.

While tutoring focuses on teaching specific subject content, NILD educational intervention focuses on developing the underlying skills necessary for school and for independent learning.

Educational therapists come alongside parents in the educational process. Parents must be willing to provide the needed structure and consistency in the home and work with their children for ongoing stimulation.

Extensive one-on-one instruction for two 80-minute sessions per week provides the intensity required to overcome learning deficits.