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An ACSI Education

Planting Seeds of Excellence

Accreditation is defined as “that which gives title to credit.”  Every five years, CHA participates in an accreditation process from ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International). This process is a valuable tool for the whole school.  It communicates credibility to parents, both current and prospective. Externally, it helps the student who graduates and needs a diploma from a state-accredited school for college entrance requirements, as well as validate that we are doing what we say we are doing; and, internally, it provides a time of reflection and an opportunity for growth. We are thankful for this process; it is, in essence, a window into our Academy.


Self-Study - CHA's most recent self-study, conducted during 2014-15

Summary - Combination summative report from 2014-15 accreditation and a comprehensive stakeholder survey conducted by Grace Works Ministries

ACSI Team Report - Report produced by the ACSI Accreditation Team after evaluating CHA's 2014-15 self-study