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What is our mission?

The purpose of Christian Heritage Academy is to assist the home and church in building a solid foundation in the life of each student--a life which is characterized by a personal salvation experience, the development of Christian character, the Christian conscience and Christian self-government. The ultimate goal of the Academy is to produce true Christian scholars who will be used of God to propagate the Gospel throughout the whole world and to restore our American Christian Republic to its historic, Biblical foundation.

We recognize that a child's primary education begins in the home with the parents; the family is a divinely-established institution, as is the Church. Therefore, we view our school as an extension of these two crucial elements and seek to complement them, rather than educate to the contrary.

Part of assisting the Christian home is helping to build a good foundation on which a young person can stand for the remainder of his/her life. So many students enter into college or the world unprepared, not knowing for sure what they believe. Christian Heritage Academy strives to ensure that its graduates are ready to face the challenges of our world.

In order to become all that God intends, a person must start with salvation. There are, of course, many other important elements in a person's upbringing, but a personal relationship with Christ is the key to them all; our emphasis begins at this point, as it opens the door to understanding and achieving the rest.

As a person's thinking is transformed, that renewal influences one's decisions and emotions. In that process, it is God's desire that we be conformed to the image of His Son. Thus, the Spirit works to produce fruit in our lives, that of Christ-likeness or what is better known as Christian character, qualities that are exemplary of Christ's life in us.

Once a person's spirit has been renewed by the saving work of Christ, that new Spirit begins to influence the mind, which, of course, directs one's steps. Therefore, Christian Heritage Academy not only strives to teach sound Christian doctrine but to instruct students how to apply it to their daily lives, choosing what's right and good.

One of the fruits of the Spirit is self-control, meaning as the Spirit is allowed to work in us, we become more obedient to God's will and way. The result is a person who is able to restrain himself under the laws of God and man without an external force controlling him. He or she becomes a self-governed citizen, able to live in a free society.

Our community's schools may be producing scholars, but to what end? For self-fulfillment or for the good of the state? We wish not only to produce scholars, but students who possess the proper worldview, those who scrutinize all things against the wisdom of God, those who will be agents of change for God's kingdom and glory.

Since we know that salvation is the key to individual and national change, and in obedience to God's commands, we emphasize the propagation of the Gospel, not only in our own community but around the world. Many of our students participate in local as well as global missions, to take the message of Christ to those who will listen.

Unfortunately, the Christian foundation and heritage of our beloved country are being ignored and quickly erased. It is our desire at Christian Heritage Academy to produce Crusaders who will fight in the cause of national restoration, to defend the blessed liberty that Christianity provided in America, and to combat against those who would subvert it.