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Pursuing Excellence

We are very excited about what the Lord is doing at our school. As CHA continues to grow, the Lord continues to stir in our hearts a need and a desire to continue to pursue excellence both in our academic and extra-curricular programs and in our facilities. Below are some links to more information about our plans and the future of the school.

Now and through the end of the 2017-18 school year, we are in the public phase of the campaign. Please contact the school if you have any questions about the campaign, the building projects or if you would like to donate.

Read the Campaign Case Statement


The most dominant theme emerging from the study was a desire to fix and improve our current facilities before building anything new. This focus on good stewardship resonates completely with the culture of the school and the Christian virtues we try to espouse in our students, staff and faculty. Therefore, we decided to concentrate on smaller, more affordable projects that will still greatly benefit our school.

Our secondary school science labs feature equipment that has been used since the school was founded. We will allocate funds to replace the equipment that has suffered from decades of wear and tear. In today’s competitive academic atmosphere, we want to ensure that we are equipping our students for success, especially through our STEM curriculum.

In addition to this, we will also be allocating funds as they become available to make some renovations to our sports facilities, namely the football and baseball press boxes and plaza area. These improvements can be made at relatively low cost while offering a much better presentation of CHA athletics and the school in general.

At this point in our school’s history, the prospect of building a brand-new school somewhere else is not realistic. We simply do not have the funds and it would not be practical to consider doing this in the near future. Without borrowing a significant amount of money, which goes against our core principles, this would not be in the best interest of the school.

Furthermore, we are very happy with and have always been profoundly grateful for our home in Del City. We are centrally located, have established excellent relationships with the city officials and local fire and police departments, and now have a decades-long history in this community.

The CHA board of trustees and school leadership believe in and are committed to the practice of only spending monies that the school has received (i.e. not borrowing funds).  As a result, we have been able to make gradual improvements to our campus and provide for each generation of new students. It has also meant that the school has never put itself in a precarious financial position.

The campus is always in need of improvements. Our only reasonable alternative to borrowing money is to conduct a capital campaign. The investments made in the school will come from our generous patrons and benefactors, those who believe in the mission of the school and believe in its future.

There are many ways you can give to the campaign. Direct gifts and pledges are perhaps the simplest way you can give. This will give the school the most flexibility in how we allocate the funds we receive. If you prefer, you can also give electronically by going to our website.

We believe the future is very bright at CHA. Once we are able to address the areas of our campus that need real attention, we will set our sights on the large infrastructure changes for the school. Recently, the school leadership laid out a vision for our school for the year 2031 when our current pre-K class will be graduating. This vision includes an impressive and beautiful campus that serves the needs of our ever-growing student body as well as our faculty.

Before we can continue with any of the other important improvements of the school, our new cafeteria and student commons building has to come first. Moving the cafeteria to this new building will allow us to convert the existing cafeteria into elementary classrooms. With these additions, we will be within sight of completing our campus improvement plan. That will be a bright future indeed.

Campaign Leadership

Josh Bullard, Headmaster
Ralph Bullard, CHA Ambassador
John & Jana Curtis, Campaign General Chairs
Doug & Lana Melton, Campaign Honorary Chairs
Tom & Kay Hill, Campaign Honorary Chairs

Campaign Cabinet

Cheritta Berry
Ike & Peggy Burress
Todd & Amy Chapman
Henry & Keo Chan
Zac & Kate Graves
Jonathan & Danielle Hill
Tracey & Cynthia Jines
Kevin & Sara Penwell
Jay & Lisa Roberts
Joe & Shera Tolley
Tim & Deborah Young