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Why is CHA distinctively different?

Christian Heritage Academy’s goal is to produce true Christian scholars who will be leaders in the spheres of society:  home, church, media, education, business, government, the arts, and entertainment.  In order to accomplish this goal, CHA’s education experience is distinctively different.

At CHA, the student is trained to be a producer rather than a consumer. CHA’s notebook methodology trains the student to be organized in his thoughts and with his property. The importance of presenting ideas in a logical and legible form are life-long skills for any scholar. Rather than consuming workbooks, the student is taught to reason and record ideas. Instead of teaching disconnected topics, the student is taught the principles and leading ideas of the subjects, which deepens his understanding of the material.

The student at CHA is taught to be a critical thinker. In a relativistic world, where there is perceived to be no absolute truth, the student has to be trained to think biblically. The Bible is not just taught at CHA but seen as foundational to all subject matter, for it is sufficient for all of life’s questions. The student is taught to think critically by learning to 4-R (define terms, reason biblically, relate the ideas to life’s circumstances, and form a ready response). Assessments and assignments produce Christian scholars who will be used of God to engage the culture and answer with a ready defense.

A person’s view of history will affect the future. At CHA, the student is instructed in a providential view of history. God is the author, and it is “His” story we observe. In that story, God uses people and nations to accomplish His purposes. The student studies key individuals and learns the history of his subject, producing an appreciation for what God has done in and through the lives of individuals. As a result, the student develops an understanding that he too is a link in the chain of Christianity.

From the founding of our nation to God’s continued plan of liberty, the student is presented with a gospel purpose for the nations. The sixth grade students participate in the Washington DC trip and learn about the role of government and the importance of Christian self-government. As seniors, students visit Plymouth and Boston, as a capstone to their studies in the birth and purpose of our nation. CHA also offers several mission and ministry opportunities in which students can participate. From Thailand to Honduras, CHA students have the opportunity to join in local and international missions annually. Likewise, our athletic and student leadership programs have a gospel purpose.

CHA is producing student leaders. Character training is foundational for our students and faculty. From our elementary to secondary, the student has opportunities to grow in his abilities to serve, organize and plan ministry opportunities, and lead, as well as grow in his understanding of leadership.