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Why is the Framework

October 19, 2020
By Dr. Susan DeMoss
Safe Defend Presentation

Philosophy is defined as a fundamental or theoretical idea pertaining to a body of knowledge. It is often referred to as the “why.” CHA has a distinct philosophy of education. The reason why we educate is to fulfill the call that God has placed upon our school to raise up the next generation of Christian leaders to accomplish America’s gospel purpose. This call was given to the school in 1973 to Mr. Ralph Bullard. Since this time, the school has made it a priority to train every generation of teachers in the school’s philosophy of education. To accomplish this philosophy requires a certain methodology. The methodology is known as the “how.”  CHA’s methodology of education is known as the Principle Approach. Utilizing the Principle Approach produces scholars, in every subject area, who reason biblically from God’s word.

Every school has a philosophy and methodology of education even if they cannot articulate it. These concepts are rooted in a belief system based upon the school’s view of God and man. Not every Christian school is even the same. For decades, CHA has understood Luke 6:40 which states that “A student is not above his teacher. For when he is fully trained, he will be like his teacher.” The key is the teacher. While many schools participate in professional development, very few have the opportunity to train every week for three hours like we have been allotted through our Wednesday training schedule. Very few schools require such an intense two-week in-service before school begins in August. Why do our teachers engage in such rigor? They do so because our teachers are educational leaders in the field. They are scholars. They understand that CHA’s distinct philosophy and methodology must be passed to the next generation of teachers. They understand the call to produce students who are true Christian scholars who will propagate the gospel to the world as they are leaders within their sphere of influence. They understand their why.  

Thank you for partnering with us as we fulfill God’s calling on our lives. We hope this is one of the reasons why you chose CHA.