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Sphere Influencers

January 23, 2023
By Dr. Susan DeMoss

CHA’s vision is to create leaders who understand America’s gospel purpose in every sphere of society. This vision is accomplished outside the walls of CHA. Last weekend, my family attended the student production of Grease at Randall University, produced by the Artworks Academy. Two of CHA’s very own students were featured: Abby Blair (supporting lead role) and Mackenzie Baldwin (chorus). CHA has so many talented students. We have a front row for some of these students to see them use their talents at school. Others share their gifts on various platforms and spheres of influence in our city. Regardless, where students share their gifts and abilities for God’s glory, they are fulfilling our mission and vision statements.

Where is your student’s sphere? Would you be willing to share how God is using your student to be leaders who share the gospel? We would love to hear from you and celebrate God’s faithfulness to accomplish His vision that He gave us. May we all be sphere influencers for His glory this week!