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September 18, 2023
By Dr. Susan DeMoss

Sunday, our nation celebrated the signing of the United States Constitution on September 17, 1787. On Friday, CHA’s student body from PK–12th grades joined together to remember what God has done in our nation.

CHA’s mission statement reads—

The purpose of Christian Heritage Academy is to assist the home and church in building a solid foundation in the life of each student--a life which is characterized by a personal salvation experience, the development of Christian character, the Christian conscience, and Christian self-government. The ultimate goal of the Academy is to produce true Christian scholars who will be used of God to propagate the Gospel throughout the whole world and to restore our American Christian Republic to its historic, Biblical foundation.

As the first graders recited the preamble of the Constitution, all the upperclassmen in the room were invited to join in the recitation. Memories of elementary school filled the room. The guest speaker for the celebration was Jackson Cargill, an alumnus of the Class of 2020. Starting at CHA in pre-kindergarten, he recalled the lessons he learned at CHA regarding Christian character, conscience, and self-government. As a senior at Stanford University, Mr. Cargill has had the opportunity to serve under two US Senators, learn about our nation’s government, and even help write legislation. He championed the students to be involved in the governmental process and express gratitude for the education that they are receiving at CHA.

I am thankful for CHA’s commitment to train students in God’s Providence. I am thankful that their zeal for HIStory extends beyond our telephone number, (405) 672-1787.