Training American Christian leaders
for every sphere of society

What does the CHA Athletic Booster Club do?

Christian Heritage Academy strives to produce American Christian leaders in every sphere of society. Within the life a student, athletics is a valuable tool to build character and relationships. The CHA Booster Club assists the school as it seeks to:

  • Encourage school-spirit
  • Provide a family atmosphere at events
  • Foster relationships among families
  • Provide a positive testimony to the community and guests
  • Promote attendance at games
  • Support and encourage the nine athletic programs at CHA

Executive committee members can be contacted through ParentsWeb.

CHA Athletic Booster Club Executive Committee

Athletic Director


Vice President



Spirit Chair

Football Team Representative

Boys Basketball Team Representative

Girls Basketball Team Representative

Baseball Team Representative

Volleyball Team Representative

Cheer Team Representative

Golf Team Representative

Tennis Team Representative

Soccer Team Representative

Cross Country Team Representative

Clint LittleJim

Jana Curtis

Jon Hill

Stevanna Wolfard

Shawna Nuthman

Staci Butler

Aaron Hale

Rob Winslow

Terry Davidson

Jeff LeDuc

Shawna Nuthman

Staci Butler

Jim Rankin

Wayne Thomas

Amy Bruce


Training American Christian leaders for every sphere of society